Wow! what can I say you certainly mad sure I felt and looked like a princess on my wedding day. I felt so comfortable and calm and that was all down to you being so professional and caring. Not only did my seven bridesmaids look flawless my mum felt and looked stunning too. I cant thank you enough I had so many wonderful comments on my wedding day and are still having them now and that’s partly down to you. Don’t stop doing a wonderful job and making every princess’s dream of looking fabulous on there one special day from coming true.




Rachelle was recommended to me by my eyebrow technician and having checked out her work on Facebook, I contacted her to arrange a trial. From first meeting Rach, she was friendly, professional and definitely knows her industry. I had no idea how I wanted to look on my wedding day other than flawless. Rachelle discussed different looks and was happy to try many out until we decided on the one.  She was happy to work outside of usual hours not leaving my house until 10.30pm the night of the trial. Rachelle used all the same make up brands during the trial as used on the day so I was able to get a feel for how the makeup felt on my face. I really didn’t want to wipe it off when I went to bed. (Tip for all future ladies – book your trial in the morning so you get to keep the make up on all day looking fabulous and really see how much staying power it has!)

On the day of my wedding Rachelle was on hand to help with anything required. She worked with my hairstylist to organise timings so that my Bridesmaids and Mother were ready before me and were available to help when it was time to put my dress on. I feel that Rachelle’s experience of Brides on the morning of their wedding really helped my morning to run smoothly and keep me relaxed and enjoying the experience. I had a Bridesmaid who rarely wears anything more than a bit of concealer and mascara even on nights out. When I told her I would like to treat her to having her make up applied for my wedding she politely declined as she said she didn’t like how it felt on her face. Rachelle only uses quality products which produce flawless results and feel like a second skin. On the day, the Bridesmaid stood back and watched Rachelle as she worked miracles on my other two adult Bridesmaids. She decided she would like to have her make up applied and said afterwards she forgot she was wearing it after a while.

Come the evening reception, my makeup hadn’t budged. Through the tears (there were many!) and the ridiculous heat we were blessed with on the day my mascara and eyeliner had stayed put. Dabbing my tears away on a crisp white napkin there was hardly a trace. I remember looking in the mirror at the end of the night and wondering how on earth my face looked the same as it did when I left the house that morning. I had completely forgot I was wearing any makeup and hadn’t felt the need to reapply any throughout the day. Rach is lovely amazingly talented lady, who worked dreams on my wedding day.  Thank you so so much for making me and my friends and family all look more beautiful than ever J xxx